About Us

The Flyer List was originally sponsored by Flyer Magazine but is now administered by a group of volunteers and "owned" by its members. If you want to contact them, the administrators' email address is:

Email Delivery - Not a Web Forum

Unlike some other aviation forums where you have to access a web site and scan for any new postings which might have been made since your previous visit, the Flyer List is an email-based discussion group: you subscribe your email address and you will receive messages from other members shortly after they are sent. Some members auto-file messages when they are received and catch up with them when convenient. It's also easy to delete discussion threads using the subject line, if a particular topic does not interest you.

How it works

Once you've subscribed, you can send messages, queries and comments to all the other members at the email addess: .

Note: Messages sent to the list should have some aviation connection and should also respect a voluntary "Netiquette". New subscribers should read these before making a first posting.