The Flyer List "Netiquette"

Whilst the following rules are not absolutely prescriptive, they have been devised by mutual consent. So, if in doubt, please respect them.

The general principles are:

  • "Would I want others to send messages to me with this content?"
  • "Would I want my viewpoint treated in a way I'm just about to treat someone else's?"
  • "Would I want what I write to be posted on a billboard in a public place?"
  • "Would I want what I write to be available in perpetuity on the internet archives?"

The Flyer List is not intended for commercial purposes. Companies should use classified advertising for sales promotion. However, this should not restrict individuals from discussing items such as shares in aircraft or sale items between list members, or discussion about the comparative merits of various products.

When posting items to the list, be polite at all times - even when you disagree with the person you are replying to.

While non-aviation content is discouraged, brief postings requesting help/advice on non-aviation matters are permissible. However, any replies to such postings should be sent direct to the originator and not posted to the list.

If you are moving off the original topic of a thread, modify the subject line from time to time as the aviation thread evolves.

Do not post any Virus alerts - most of them are hoaxes. If you need to communicate about any spam or "virus alert", always contact the Flyer List Administrators first. Do not post your concerns about such things to the full list. "Virus alerts" (especially those that say something like "Pass on to as many people as possible") may be attempts to flood the network with spurious email. They are actually a form of (albeit "benign") virus themselves.

Post only "plain text" (also known as ASCII text) messages to the list. In particular, this means you should set up your email system not to send HTML formatted messages.

If your messages are "bounced" back to you because of HTML, the list Administrators can advise you on how to turn off the HTML feature on your mailing software. HTML can be used to embed potentially dangerous material in a hidden way, which can trap the unwary into downloading viruses or Trojan programs into their computers. HTML also can take up a lot more bandwidth on the internet, and over twice as much upload and download time as plain text, so it costs us all a lot more, too.

Very long messages will also be "held" until the admins can check them out - this helps prevent spam being sent to everyone on the list.

There have been many attempts to spread viruses as attachments to email messages, so the list server will reject messages with attachments, to prevent them infecting list members' computers.

If you have pictures or other packages you wish to send, ask who wishes to receive them, and send them direct to those people, or upload them onto your own web site or one of the many photograph hosting sites.

When posting an item that may contain information that might be valuable to other list members, post to the list. But, if the item is of concern only to the originator, then communicate with the individual, and do not post to the full list.

When you hit the "Reply" button your reply will generally be sent to the originator of the message you are replying to, and not always also to the List. If you want it to go to the List, remove the originator's name and address and add . If you have doubt about whether the item is of interest to the list or to the individual, default in favour of posting to the list. One never knows about the specific wishes of the many and varied interests of all members.

Although most list participants are from the United Kingdom, a significant number are not. Subtle language differences do exist. Humour is fine and makes communication more effective, but, since the list is read by people from a number of countries and from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds, jokes which are funny to some may be offensive to others. If you detect such a situation, write the List Member individually and explain in a supportive and positive manner. List Members should always feel everything is written with a positive intent.

No jokes about race, nationality, or religion are ever appropriate.

If you feel offended by something which has been posted please tell the originator privately, or take matters up with the Administration. Never add to a flame war on the list!

When using humour, use appropriate "smilies". Since facial expressions and body language are not present, humour can be misunderstood. Sarcasm is very difficult to be successful with over 200 people and should be avoided.

Use caution to avoid misunderstandings. An offensive statement doesn't get any less offensive just because it has a smiley at the end.

There is no such thing as a "dumb" question related to aviation. We all are at different stages of knowledge in our flying interests. All should feel free to bring up any topic that is aviation related.

Most non-flying questions should be answered off list, direct with the originator.

Contact the Flyer List Administrators if you are having difficulty. This List Administration has been set up to service all such needs. Volunteers among List Members are there to help!

You are likely to strike up friendships with other regulars. There is nothing wrong with the occasional personal comment posted to the list, but avoid personal chit-chat and in-jokes.

When replying to messages, you may wish to quote the relevant part of the message to remind others what you are replying to. Cut out anything that is not relevant to your reply. When cutting and snipping to make your reply clear, be sure the original posting intent remains intact.

Consolidate your replies. Finding multiple replies, each consisting of comments of just "I agree" doesn't add any new helpful information to the topic. You may wish to agree and add more evidence as to why you feel as you do.